Volunteer Usher (De Montfort Hall)

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Volunteer Ushers at De Montfort Hall support the team in making this historic concert hall one of Leicester’s premier venues.

A small team of ushers at each show perform a customer care role during performances and events, ensuring that our patrons have a positive and enjoyable experience from the moment they enter the venue.

Shift are usually 3 hours in duration and take place predominately in the evening and at weekends. Volunteers receive a briefing at the start of each shift, at which time usher positions will be assigned and relevant information relating to the performance or event is communicated.

New volunteer ushers are paired with an experienced Front of House team member during their first shift with on-going support and supervision provided by the Front of House team throughout the volunteering experience.

As well as assisting customers, volunteers also support the staff before and after the show to maintain the venue to a high standard.

Please be aware that whilst volunteer ushers can choose their shifts, specific usher positions during these shifts are assigned by the Front of House team.

These positions will vary each time a volunteer is on duty and whilst we do our best to ensure the fair rotation of usher positions, volunteers will not be given the opportunity to watch the performance every time they are on duty.